The 2018 Ford Fiesta Delivers

Drivers have all sorts of taste when it comes to vehicles. Some prefer an automobile that is large and powerful. However, there are others who look for something smaller and more convenient. They are more focused on getting from where they started to where they are going in an efficient manner. The 2018 Ford Fiesta is a car that caters to the more economic crowd.

The 2018 Ford Fiesta is a subcompact, four-seat hatchback. The car is built for convenient travel and saving gas as opposed to super horsepower. The efficient powertrains of the Fiesta deliver a level of fuel economy that is not seen in larger vehicles. The new Fiesta is designed for delivering a comfortable, safe and efficient commute. It is not built for towing large amounts of cargo over long distances. Our team at Courtesy Ford & Lincoln is ready to assist anyone in Pocatello, ID who is ready to learn about the options that are available with the new Ford Fiesta. Give us a call or stop by and greet us today!

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