How Often Should an Ignition be Serviced?

A fully functional ignition system is critical for optimal vehicle performance. Electric ignition systems should be inspected every 25,000 miles, and distributor-less ignitions need to be inspected every 100,000. Routine service inspections are an ideal way to keep ignition problems at bay, but you should also be mindful of warning signs that your ignition may need to be inspected.

The most common problems that are caused by a faulty ignition are engine stalling and a car that won’t start. These problems are often mistaken for a dead battery, so it is best to have it inspected so a mechanic can correctly diagnose the problem. In addition, other warning signs of a damaged ignition may include difficulty cracking the engine, sputtering when the vehicle is accelerating, and rough idling.

If you notice any of the mentioned problems before it is time for your routine ignition service, contact a mechanic immediately. Our staff at Courtesy Ford & Lincoln offers ignition inspections and diagnostic services.



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