Dealing with Your Car Overheating

While your car overheating might be annoying, the problem is really quite a bit more than just an annoyance. If you are driving through the Pocatello area and having this problem you need to get it checked out. It's possible that you have a leak in the coolant system and that coolant is not making it to the engine. It's also possible that there is something going on with the thermostat in the car.

No matter why your car is overheating, you need to realize that eventually, you can do long-term damage if you let it go unchecked. Don't hesitate to come talk to our service center at Courtesy Ford & Lincoln so that we can give your car the once over and figure out exactly why there seems to be this kind of problem. If you continue to allow the overheating, the engine itself might eventually give out. Then you're going to be looking for a new car.

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