The Ford F-150 Is Super Tough

Not everyone drives a truck because it looks cool. Performance factors into the purchasing decision. Ford F-150 buyers look to take another important feature into consideration: toughness. Harsh roads and other difficult conditions may be the destiny for a pickup truck. The F-150's "Ford Tough" stature makes it ready for those rides.

The Ford F-150 is a lighter now thanks to the use of aluminum in the cab. Don't think for one second the aluminum is a weak grade. The heat-treated aluminum found in the truck's bed comes from the 6000-series used by the military. This type of aluminum isn't the kind used on the side of houses. It can handle tough trips and loads.

The pickup's steel frame further adds to its durability. Manufacturing added more steel to the fully-boxed frame and, amazingly, the vehicle didn't become heavier. The durability exists side-by-side with a lighter, sleeker model.

See the Ford F-150's toughness in action by taking it out for a test drive in Pocatello, ID. Come by Courtesy Ford & Lincoln and check out a Ford F-150 in our showroom.

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