Get a Closer Look at the New Ford C-MAX and its Smart Features

The new Ford C-MAX is here on the lot at Courtesy Ford & Lincoln, so our team thought this would be the best time to talk about a few of the smart features that make this the popular compact hybrid to own this year.

When you’re ready to park your Ford C-MAX, simply activate the system from the center console, and it starts by scanning the side of the road for a perfect parking space. Then the Enhanced Active Park Assist will actually steer the vehicle into the spot, only prompting you to brake, shift, and then accelerate when needed.

The reason the rear back-up camera system is such a popular feature in the Ford C-MAX is because it helps you navigate when traveling in reverse. Shift into gear, and as you roll back, the center console screen switches to a camera monitor, giving you a clear view of everything in your path.

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