Don’t Forget about Your Coolant System

The temperatures that your engine reaches can really put it through the ringer. This is why you have a built-in cooling system. If your engine gets too hot and overheats, it can cause permanent damage. So, it is important to do regular maintenance on your cooling system so that it stays in good working order.

The most important thing that you can do for it is to perform a full coolant flush. This will typically involve first draining all of the old coolants out of the system and then attaching a hose to both ends of the system. Once this is done, do a power flush. This will remove much of the built-up rust, sludge, and dirt that may have accumulated over time. After that, it is time to refill the system with new clean coolant.

If you haven't had this done to your vehicle in a while, then bring your car, truck, or SUV into our service center here at Courtesy Ford & Lincoln and let us get under the hood for you.

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