Understanding Your Vehicle’s Transfer Case

The transfer case on your vehicle is part of the four-wheel drive component. The transfer case includes gears and may include a chain. The transfer case works with your transmission to deliver the right power to each wheel as you are driving down the road.

For a car to maintain four-wheel drive capabilities, the transfer case must be working properly. If your car is tough to drive in four-wheel drive or running roughly, it's time to have our service department check out your transfer case. Proper maintenance of your transfer case is necessary to keep the case and the gears within lubricated. If you hear grinding noises while you shift, or you struggle to get your car into four-wheel drive, it's time to bring your car in to Courtesy Ford & Lincoln for service.

Avoid damage to your four-wheel drive system by making sure you bring your car in for service anytime there is a problem!

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