Technology and Conveniences in The Ford Focus

The Ford Focus packs intelligent technology into the interior to make for an easy and comfortable ride. Driver and passenger will have many features to keep them entertained and safe.

For charging devices, the Focus is equipped with USB ports that are smart chargers. Smart-charging means the Focus knows what type of device is plugged into the system and how much power to feed to it. This technology saves battery power to the automobile. All models come with one port in the center console.

Drivers will enjoy the keyless access, and easy push-button start on some models. If the key is in your pocket or purse, the car will allow you to open the door with a touch of a button. The same technology works with starting the vehicle. If the key is on you, hold down the brake pedal and push the start button to fire the Focus up.

The Ford Focus offers a variety of convenient technology. Visit our showroom today, and take a test drive at Courtesy Ford & Lincoln.



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