Ford Mustang Active Performance Exhaust Audio

The Ford Mustang GT has unrivaled performance options. Ford has made it so that you can personalize the Mustang GT as much as possible. The package includes three engines, five performance settings, two transmissions, and a customizable exhaust system. The new audio engineering allows you to choose different settings for your exhaust’s sound level. You can choose whisper quiet mode to keep your neighbors happy in the morning. Finally, it’s something that drivers have been asking for.

Of course, there are also super loud settings for when you want to head out to the track or let everyone know that you’ve arrived to the party. The new performance options have allowed drivers to get even more out of their driving experience with the Mustang GT.

You can test drive the latest Ford Mustang GT when you stop by Courtesy Ford & Lincoln located in Pocatello, ID. We’ll turn on track mode, so you can hear the V8 rumble and roar to life!

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