Smart Driving in The Ford Expedition

Although you might think that a home would have more smart features, the Ford Expedition might be making a run for the top spot. There are six USB ports so that everyone can charge the devices that they have while on the road in Pocatello, ID. A wireless charger is located in the center console.

There's no reason for anyone not to hear the radio when it's on with the 12 speakers that are in the SUV. Passengers in the rear of the vehicle can enjoy watching the screens on the headrests.

Stay safe on the road with the blind spot monitoring system as well as the rear monitoring system. A cross-traffic alert is available along with a pre-collision warning. Pedestrian warnings are also available in the vehicle. These are all features that can keep you safe while driving while giving you the smart features that you desire in a new vehicle, all being adjusted by Courtesy Ford & Lincoln when needed.

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