We think the tech features in this popular midsize truck are going to light you up inside and let us tell you why. Ford has really outdone itself when it comes to the tech safety features it has given customers, and we want to share two.


The BLIS system comes in the Ford Ranger, and it is there to prevent you from changing lanes when there is a ghost car next to you. You know that finding a car in your blind spot is difficult, but now you have backup because this system will warn you if there is a vehicle there.

Automatic High Beams

Some people may not be able to imagine headlights that can sense poor lit roads, and that is okay. Ford decided to make this concept a reality, even if you couldn't picture it. The headlights detect lighting conditions and turn on high beams when needed. The headlights are so state-of-the-art that they will dim if they feel another car is approaching. You do not have to do anything but keep on driving safely.

We think you are going to get excited as you discover more tech in the Ford Ranger when you take a test drive with us in Pocatello, ID.

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