Drivers seeking a midsize sedan for their next vehicle purchase will want to consider the Ford Fusion, a popular example of everything this particular vehicle class stands for, like a comfortable interior, streamlined exterior, and superior performance.

A smooth ride begins with controlled steering. Most drivers have experienced the abrupt push that comes from encountering a crosswind. With the Fusion's innovative steering system, the vehicle will instantly compensate for the jarring tugs that cause a car to drift by automatically adjusting to counteract them. It can also reduce the vibration in a steering wheel that comes from uneven road surfaces or traveling at a certain speed. Sensors in the wheels themselves constantly receive feedback and adjust to the road's surface, making the ride smoother than ever.

Courtesy Ford & Lincoln in Pocatello, ID carries a full selection of Ford Fusion trims. Explore one of the most popular midsize sedans by taking one for a test drive today.

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