The Ford Super Duty is a Leader on the Road

Heavy-duty pickups like the Ford Super Duty can do it all. The cab can be customized according to your needs, and the truck can go out in Pocatello in a variety of conditions.

The Super Duty has best-in-class payload and towing capabilities because it has powerful components under the hood and has been built with lightweight and strong materials. The fully boxed frame is made out of high-strength steel and is reinforced with up to 10 crossmembers, and the body is constructed out of military-grade aluminum-alloy.

Adding to the durability are advanced features like Roll Stability Control and Trailer Sway Control. These systems are included on both the single- and dual-rear-wheel models that we have at Courtesy Ford & Lincoln. They use information gathered from gyroscopic sensors to determine whether to reduce engine power and/or apply pressure on the brakes to ensure that the trailer and truck are stable and safe.

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