Capabilities of The Ford F-150

If you're looking for a tough vehicle for towing, then consider the Ford F-150. There are a few features that you can add on to your truck while at Courtesy Ford & Lincoln before you begin towing in Pocatello, ID or hauling items in the bed of the vehicle. The Pro Trailer Backup Assist is a feature that aids in reversing when you're unable to see what's behind you.

A tailgate step makes it easier to get into the tailgate so that you can load and unload the items that are inside. You'll also find that there's a remote tailgate release for when your hands are full and you're unable to open the lift by yourself.

The twin-turbo V6 features 350 horsepower, enough to deliver 470 pounds of torque. If there are connectivity issues, there is an alert system that will let you know about them before you get on the road. Trailer and brake controllers are also standard on the truck.

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