Are you a driver who loves to stand out? If so, our Pocatello, ID team members think you'll be excited about the Ford Edge. With its industry-leading design, this popular midsize SUV is sure to turn heads everywhere you drive.

With the Edge, it's all about the details. The exterior is engineered with a streamlined roof that pairs beautifully with the aggressive, aerodynamic lines of the body. Each element flows seamlessly into the next for a look that's both fluid and powerful — not to mention attention-grabbing.

When you step inside the Ford Edge, you're immediately struck by a sense of luxury. You'll feel it in the leather-wrapped steering wheel and the leather-trimmed seats. Plus, with the gleaming metal accents, the cabin isn't short on shine and sparkle. See how it looks in person when you visit our team at Courtesy Ford & Lincoln for a test drive.

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